COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Originally posted January 4, 2021. Last updated December 20, 2022 *NEW*

Resources related to COVID-19 vaccinations based on most recent information shared with AFHTO.


Government Resources (Provincial and Federal)

General Resources 
Guidance documents and clinical resources 
Planning Immunization for Specific Groups


NGO and Non-Profit Resources 

Guidance documents and clinical resources
Supporting Patients: Shareables

Human Resources

Policies and Papers


Some resources have restricted access: * Members-only resources** Triad-only resources

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Disclaimer: The information in this resource centre represents general guidance developed by AFHTO and their partners, gathered through a rapid, non-systematic scan of relevant and valuable guidelines with an intent to support you in a timely fashion. The information reflects best knowledge at the time of writing and is subject to revision based on rapidly changing circumstances and conditions. As new best practice evidence emerges, recommendations may evolve. The resources above should be considered supplementary guidance and are not meant to replace clinical judgement or organizational directives.