OMA White Paper- COVID-19 Vaccination Framework in Ontario

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Shared Dec. 15, 2020

Shining a Light at the End of the Tunnel: Guiding Considerations for a Safe, Accessible and Equitable COVID-19 Vaccination Framework in Ontario

A COVID-19 vaccination strategy needs to include defining and prioritizing populations to ensure the gradually available supply is distributed with transparent criteria that consider protecting those most vulnerable. It must also include plans and guidance for vaccine distribution and administration that consider the specifics of each different vaccine and the different avenues for administration available and/or advisable in different phases of vaccination.Essential infrastructure in this strategy must include surveillance and evaluation to ensure:

  • Ontario has the data to understand where vaccination is and is not reaching populations•Individuals are receiving all required doses
  • Monitoring and responding to adverse events
  • Plans and resources for public education,such as vaccine hesitancy,that reach all segments of the population with clear and culturally appropriate information to ensure that the public feels comfortable receiving the vaccine and understands its benefits as well as its potential limitations.

While current vaccines have been shown to protect those vaccinated from experiencing signs and symptoms of the virus, it is not known if they also prevent its spread. Therefore,protective measures (such as masking, physical distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene) will remain imperative even for those vaccinated to ensure Ontarians are protected as much as possible.This paper lays out considerations for each of these components to support the development of Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy based on the insights and expertise of Ontario’s physicians and informed by consultation with key health system stakeholders.These recommendations are intended to begin this important dialogue and will require refinement as more information becomes available.

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