How to get involved

Advocating for Better Care


Shaping and Guiding the AFHTO Annual Conference

Each year, we recruit volunteers from across Ontario to lend their time and expertise in developing the AFHTO Annual Conference. You can get involved a number of ways:

  • Join an abstract review working group (May-June)
  • Join the Bright Lights Awards nomination review working group (June-August)
  • Volunteer onsite at the conference as a Program Host or help with the registration desk
  • And all members are highly encouraged to present a concurrent session, poster and/or nominate their team for a Bright Lights Award!

Participating in any of the above earns discounts towards conference registration.

Exclusively for members

All people working in AFHTO member organizations, whether staff, physicians or board members, are encouraged to participate in peer support groups, communities of practice and other roles to advance high-quality team-based comprehensive primary care. AFHTO members can click on the links below to find out how to join.

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Peer Support and Communities of Practice

Join a peer support group or community of practice today! The following groups bring together staff and clinicians working in AFHTO member organizations.


Executive Director Mentorship Program

AFHTO’s Executive Director Mentorship program is open to all member EDs and Administrative Leads interested in giving or receiving support from their peers.

IHP Communities of Practice

These are member-driven groups, led by dedicated interprofessional health provider (IHP) volunteers from teams across the province and supported by AFHTO. They provide resources, advice and opportunities for staff and clinicians to improve their performance, which in turn benefits the whole team.

EMR Communities of Practice

These are forums where electronic medical record (EMR) vendors and users collaborate to improve the use of EMRs to advance performance measurement and quality improvement in primary care, and improve patient care. There is a CoP for each of the following EMR platforms - TELUS PS, Accuro EMR, OSCAR, P&P and Nightingale.

Quality Improvement in primary care Community of Practice 

Quality Improvement Decision Support (QIDS) Specialists and those identified with a role in measurement & quality improvement in their team can participate in this CoP. The group meets on a monthly basis to discuss common issues, inform and consult on measurement reporting in primary care (e.g. Data to Decisions (D2D), Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs)), and share relevant updates. Contact for more information and to get connected with the network.

Algorithm Project: Working group to develop standardized EMR queries

The Algorithm Project brings QIDS Specialists and interested clinicians together to develop, test and deploy standard EMR queries. The group’s aim is to enhance the ability of all teams to extract and analyze EMR data in order to facilitate data clean-up initiatives and to support conversations about improvement.


Board of Directors: Members governing for the membership

The AFHTO by-laws call for balanced representation on the board to include the various regions of the province, the mix of the professions working within FHTs, NPLCs and other interprofessional models of primary care, and the various forms of governance. Each year, between June and July, the Governance Committee of AFHTO’s board invites anyone who works within an AFHTO member organization to apply to join the Board of Directors.

Advisory Councils to the AFHTO Board of Directors

The following councils are elected bodies of representatives from the AFHTO membership and key stakeholders to provide advice and raise membership issues to the AFHTO Board of Directors.

Executive Director Advisory Council (EDAC)

EDAC provides a mechanism for Executive Directors on AFHTO member organizations to bring forward operational challenges, be a sounding board on a wide variety of issues, and give advice to the AFHTO board and staff as needed on these matters.

Physician Leadership Council (PLC)

The Physician Leadership Council (PLC) is an opportunity for Lead Physicians in primary care teams to advance best practice, knowledge transfer, enhance collaborations and to work together to surface operational, governance and other primary care team issues.

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (NPLC) Members

All NPLC member organizations meet with AFHTO staff and board representative(s) on a regular basis to bring operational challenges to light, be a sounding board on a wide variety of issues, and give advice to the AFHTO board and staff as needed on these matters. Contact to learn more.

QIDS Steering Committee (QSC)

Within a framework of policies and priorities established by AFHTO board, QSC sets specific project priorities and objectives to demonstrate the value of team-based primary care and ultimately improve the quality of care delivered.