Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

February 16, 2023

Originally posted Jan. 27, 2020. Last updated February 16, 2023

This page will provide updates on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) as they become available. The Ministry of Health has released guidelines for primary care, along with posters. A website for healthcare providers is now live. You can also access information for the public on their site.

If you have any questions, you can also email


COVID-19 Vaccination Information

for providers and administration

Management and operations, human resources and COVID-19

for HR and administration

Infection control resources and tools

for primary care providers and administration

COVID-19 information

for Patients, Caregivers and the Public

Virtual Care, Digital Health and COVID-19

for providers and administration

Mental health and wellness during COVID-19

for providers and the public


    Providing Comprehensive Care during COVID-19

    for providers

    Ministry and other sites


    News and updates

    Visit here for 2021 COVID-19 news and updates.

    Visit here for 2020 COVID-19 news and updates.


    For more recent updates, please visit Ontario's website.

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