Participating in Primary Care Research

Telling our Story: External Presentations on Measurement and Quality Improvement

People across Ontario and North America are keen to learn about the ground-breaking advances AFHTO members are making to meaningfully measure and improve primary care. Presentations are listed by theme below, with brief descriptions.

Presentations on AFHTO members' approach to the Starfield Principles
Presentations on approaching measurement that is meaningful to providers and patients
Presentations on optimizing the use of EMRs for quality improvement
Presentations on moving beyond measurement to improvement
List of upcoming presentations
List of past presentations

Presentations on AFHTO members’ approach to the Starfield Principles:

Presentations on approaching measurement that is meaningful to providers and patients:

Presentations on optimizing the use of EMRs for quality improvement:

Presentations on moving beyond measurement to improvement:

  • Quality Improvement in Dietetics. This presentation introduces several QI tools that are effective in interprofessional primary care settings. It then explores in-depth several real-life examples of QI initiatives. Participants are then invited to practice using the tools to develop QI plans for challenges they are experiencing in their own teams.
  • Learning How to Get Lucky: Enablers of High-Performing TeamsThis presentation describes what D2D is telling us about enablers of high performance in primary care teams. Some of these factors may be out of teams' control (e.g. panel characteristics), others, such as single- vs. multi-site design, EMR management, and governance may be amenable to change.
  • The Care and Feeding of QI Specialists in Ontario: The First Five Years. This poster describes the experience of the first five years of the QIDS program, from the perspective of those coordinating, delivering, and receiving QIDS Specialist support.
  • Using Mobile Technology to Collect Patient-Reported Outcomes for Quality Improvement in Primary Care: There’s an App for That (with C. Steele Gray, J. Nie, J. Gravesande, P. Hans, and C. Cott). This presentation demonstrates how mobile technology can be used to improve care for patients with multiple chronic conditions and complex needs and to gather data which support research and system-level planning. Abstract.
  • Readiness for Patient Engagement in Ontario's Primary Care Teams (with N. Sunderji, V. Tang, A. Ion, and J. Rayner): This poster/presentation describes research into the question of how ready and willing primary care teams are to practice meaningful patient engagement in quality improvement related to mental health care. Abstract.
  • Engaging Ontario’s Primary Care Teams: Learning the secrets of success from those who have achieved it. D2D data reveals that patients of single-site teams had statistically lower per capita health system costs, even when patient complexity is considered, regardless of whether the team is rural or urban. This paper explores how single-site design might be a useful place to start exploring what drives better outcomes in primary care teams.
  • Evidence of the positive impact of co-location on quality and healthcare system costs in Ontario’s primary care teams. This poster describes the finding, observed over 6 iterations of D2D, that single-site teams are associated with lower system costs, and it explores the implications for quality improvement in all team, including multi-site teams.
  • Ontario's primary care teams are moving beyond measurement to improvement This poster described patters of improvement observed over the first five iterations of D2D. "Increasers" began below average in the first iteration but were among the highest overall performers by the most recent iterations. "Decreasers" began among the highest performers but became the worst performance in the most recent iterations. Differences in characteristics between these groups are being examined and will be shared in the poster.

List of upcoming presentations

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List of past presentations

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