Central Brampton FHT QIDSS recognized by OntarioMD

September 30, 2021

Samantha Gupta, Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist at Central Brampton FHT, was recognized with an OMD Luminary Award, 2021. 

Samantha Gupta, QIDSS at Central Brampton FHT
Samantha Gupta, QIDSS at Central Brampton FHT.

Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist, Central Brampton FHT, Brampton - Samantha Gupta has done exceptional work leading all steps of the implementation of the Ocean tool at two locations of the Central Brampton Family Health Team.

The implementation included integration with our OMD-certified EMR. This project greatly helped to improve the patient experience (e.g., by communicating important messages and resources to patients faster electronically), while streamlining the process for internal teams to distribute and gather information more efficiently (e.g., COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire sent automatically with every booking via our EMR). Samantha also trains and supports staff to use the tool (Ontario MD Luminary Awards, 2021).

Tracy Redden, Executive Director at CBFHT, adds "as we move to open our programs to physicians that were once affiliated with the closed Wise Elephant FHT, Samantha will be supporting the oceans e-referral program for improved methods of secure sharing of information".

Samantha Gupta is the only non-physician recipient of the Luminary Award this year.