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CHief executive officer (Interim) (effective june 26, 2023)

Sherry Parsley

| sherry.parsley@afhto.ca
















Veronica Jiang


After graduating from the University of Windsor, Veronica worked in both not-for-profit and financial service industries. She gained experience in reporting and compliance requirements for not-for-profit organizations in the Association of Ontario Midwives and Junior Achievement of Canada. Also, she takes pride in providing the best fund valuation, investment information reporting, and revenue governance services to institutional investors through her employment at CIBCMellon. Over the years, Veronica expanded her expertise to the areas of corporate finance, budgeting and forecasting, financial investment instruments, and data management. She is a lifelong learner and her career ambition is to eliminate redundancy and manual input with the most cost-efficient technology.


Paula Myers


Paula has fulfilled diverse roles at AFHTO, from ensuring the smooth delivery of governance workshops across the province to her current position in communications and conference logistics. She has a MSc. in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She also has years of experience working and volunteering in a variety of sectors, fulfilling roles from client relations to project coordination and is happy to bring this experience to AFHTO.



Executive assistant and programs coordinator

Taryn Jacquard


Taryn joins the AFHTO team as the executive assistant and programs coordinator ensuring that the CEO, Board, and Director of Governance and Integration are well supported in their roles.  
She brings with her over ten years of experience working in not for profit, providing support to executives, boards, and national associations.  She has deep family connections to health care and is incredibly passionate about the well-being and availability of care to those in Ontario.  
Prior to joining AFHTO, Taryn ran her own business, offering administrative support to businesses and associations. 



Operations and Office Administrator

Alexander Christy

| alexander.christy@afhto.ca

Originally from British Columbia, Alex moved to Ontario in 2017 to pursue a career in health policy, administration and promotion. He is familiar with both BC and Ontario's health systems and is passionate about health policy. Alex is excited to join AFHTO where he hopes to expand his knowledge and apply himself to improving and supporting access to quality team-based care.

Connor Kemp

Project Manager and KTE Specialist

Connor Kemp


Connor began his professional career in the hospital sector at PRHC in decision support. His desire to work in primary care landed him in a QIDSS position in the Kingston area. He has been engaged in several primary care research initiatives, including a clinic efficiency and burnout pilot project. Connor’s interest in primary care research led him to pursue an adjunct position with Queen’s University, where he has spent the past year supervising students in a primary care placement. He is also collaborating with colleagues to design experiments for testing biometric wearables to aid the decision-making process for primary care providers. He wishes to expand this data-driven decision-making research in PC. Connor has a background in mechanical/materials engineering and spent much of his graduate time at McGill developing automated screening processes for biomaterials.