AFHTO Presidential Legacy

AFHTO Presidential Legacy


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Dr. Wendy Graham (2006-2009)

AFHTO’s first incorporating President in 2006, was Dr. Wendy Graham who was one of the founding members of the association. Dr. Graham is a former team physician at the Blue Sky Family Health Team in North Bay. At launch, AFHTO’s vision was that family health teams are the cornerstone of primary health care delivery; and that AFHTO was the representative voice and resource for family health teams. Dr. Graham and the founding board members targeted 60 members to join AFHTO in the first year, and within three months of incorporation, reached membership of 47 family health teams.


Since then, AFHTO membership has grown to include all primary care teams who provide interprofessional team-based care to their communities. AFHTO’s vision has evolved to a healthier Ontario through equitable access to integrated, interprofessional primary care.