Paxlovid Prescription Forms

April 22, 2022

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Partnering For Quality and the eHealth Centre of Excellence have developed resources for PS Suite, Oscar and Accuro to help with Paxlovid prescriptions and referrals. See below for prescription forms and additional resources. 


PS Suite: (Designed by Partnering For Quality)

  1. Download the package: Click here
  2. Unzip the .cfm file to your Desktop
  3. Import the .cfm file into PS Suite

Oscar: (Developed by eHealth Centre of Excellence)

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  2. Import the full .zip package into Oscar

Accuro: (Designed by Partnering For Quality)

Found in the global forms list

Name: Paxlovid Prescription- 04122022- DC

Publisher: wejerrett

Date: April 13, 2022

PDF version: Click here

For more clinical guidance on prescribing Paxlovid, click here


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