Ontario’s community health care associations responded to the 2024 Budget

March 27, 2024 

Urgent action is required by Ontario government to address worsening staffing crisis in Ontario’s community health sector

Associations representing over 200,000 workers in community health respond to 2024 Ontario Budget 

TORONTO, ON – Today, a coalition of Ontario’s community health care associations responded to Ontario’s 2024 Budget. 

$3.1 billion agreement to improve health care in Ontario, with team-based primary care as a central focus

After months of advocacy with both the federal and provincial governments, AFHTO is pleased to let our members know of a new agreement that will see new investment of $3.1 billion into Ontario’s health care system. This investment includes significant funding to increase access to primary care through creating new primary care teams and boosting access to family doctors and nurse practitioners. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford signed the deal that details how the province must spend $3.1 billion in federal funding earmarked for health care.