$3.1 billion agreement to improve health care in Ontario, with team-based primary care as a central focus

After months of advocacy with both the federal and provincial governments, AFHTO is pleased to let our members know of a new agreement that will see new investment of $3.1 billion into Ontario’s health care system. This investment includes significant funding to increase access to primary care through creating new primary care teams and boosting access to family doctors and nurse practitioners. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford signed the deal that details how the province must spend $3.1 billion in federal funding earmarked for health care.

As you know, last week Ontario's Health Minister Sylvia Jones announced $110 million in funding to add 400 health professionals in 78 new or expanded primary care teams across the province. The new federal funding for primary care teams comes on top of that announcement, and is expected to help reduce wait times in emergency rooms, which have seen a dramatic increase in patients that do not require urgent care.

Ontario will also open 700 new spots in medical education programs — including 70 in Northern Ontario — and improve its tracking and reporting of health data by upgrading digital infrastructure across the system. The agreement will also make it easier for Canadian and internationally trained doctors and health professionals to practice in Ontario. The province will also be expected to modernize health data systems by making patient records more accessible and transferable between jurisdictions.

Key Facts:

  • Budget 2023 outlined the Government of Canada’s plan to invest over $200 billion over 10 years, including $46.2 billion in new funding for provinces and territories, to improve health care for Canadians. Within this funding, $25 billion is allocated through tailored bilateral agreements with provinces and territories.
  • Over the past two years, AFHTO has engaged in numerous advocacy efforts with both the federal and provincial Ministers of Health to demonstrate the need for increased investment in team-based primary care.
  • This agreement is historic, representing a new commitment to enhance access to family physicians, nurse practitioners, and primary care teams above and beyond the recent announcement to invest $110 million into Ontario’s primary care sector

AFHTO is thrilled to announce this historic agreement to our members. Full details can be found here.