Strategic Direction & Reports


AFHTO is pleased to share its 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. This plan builds on our experience which shows that team-based comprehensive primary care is delivering better health and better value to patients.

In the last few years AFHTO and its members have worked hard in supporting, measuring, and promoting the value of well-integrated interprofessional primary care, and advocating for its expansion so that more Ontarians can access high-quality comprehensive care. This Strategic Plan will serve as a blueprint for AFHTO to continue this very important work and assume a leadership role in the ongoing health care transformation agenda in Ontario.

In the development of the plan, we looked at environmental trends to guide our thinking about what the future may bring and how these trends may affect the provision of primary health care. Taking on a very extensive consultative approach we spoke with our members, our stakeholders and our system partners to arrive at a plan that focuses on three strategic directions:

  • Be a Leader in Primary Health Care Transformation,

  • Demonstrate the Value of Team-Based Care and

  • Advocate for the Tools, Resources, and Conditions to Support an Effective Primary Health Care System.

And with these strategic directions, we have a new vision that will guide our work –  High quality, sustainable, team-based primary health care.

We look forward to continually working with our members, partners and stakeholders as we strive to promote and encourage system change and ensure primary care be strengthened to truly become the foundation of a health system that truly puts patients first.

Annual Report Archive:

AFHTO publishes annual reports to members on the progress made in the previous year towards the strategic direction.