Annual Report 2022 (Reconnect and Reimagine: Moving Forward Together)

October 14, 2022

There is significant strain and challenges facing the healthcare sector. We can move forward together in reimagining and rebuilding health care in Ontario, and this rebuild must start with primary care teams. 

Integrated health neighbourhoods have proven effective around the world, and Ontario is aspiring towards this with Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). To deliver high-quality and patient-centred care, to build effective OHTs, and to address the acute and long-term impact of the pandemic, integrated health neighbourhoods must start with integrated, team-based primary care. 

AFHTO’s report highlights this past year’s work to advocate for team-based primary care, to build primary care networks, and to support members in delivering the most patient-centred, high-quality care that is a fundamental piece of a sustainable healthcare system. The report also highlights work done by teams to care for their communities. 

The 2022 annual report can be read here: Reconnect and Reimagine: Moving Forward Together