Annual Report 2021 (Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild)

October 28, 2021

It has been a challenging 20 months, and primary care teams have been leaders.

Throughout this pandemic, teams adjusted to new circumstances and continued to provide comprehensive care while extending reach to support their communities. They were leaders in organizing assessment centres, conducting tests, and administering COVID-19 vaccines. They collaborated with their partners to help keep communities safe, while keeping their doors open to provide care to their patients and others who needed it most.

We have seen primary care teams respond to the challenges the pandemic presented. 

They are working to recover, having faced extraordinary circumstances.

And they are part of an important and foundational rebuild of our health and social systems. 

This pandemic laid bare the inequities and the fragmentation in our healthcare system. As we continue with health system restructuring, there is an opportunity to build back even better than before the pandemic with the principles of equity and support for the most vulnerable at the forefront. 

AFHTO's annual report speaks to the response, the recovery, and the rebuild of teams during this pandemic and how we have been supporting this work.

The 2021 annual report can be read here: Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild