interRAI COVID-19 Vulnerability Screener

Created by Bruyere Family Health Team


Resources Include: 

  • Information sheet for interRAI COVID-19 Vulnerability Screener
  • InterRAI Bruyere Algorithm 
  • Example Reports with notes and disclaimer 

The interRAI COVID-19 Vulnerability Screener is used to identify persons who may be especially vulnerable during the pandemic, interRAI has developed a brief, standardized screening tool and a comprehensive assessment instrument for clinical use with older adults and adults with disability. RAIsoft, a licensed interRAI vendor, is offering high-quality web-based software for Canadian care providers to use these tools to screen, assess, and monitor their clients free for the duration of the pandemic.

For any questions or to access our demo site, please contact George Heckman, MD (, Sophie Hogeveen, PhD (, or Amanda Nova, BSc (