AFHTO 2023 Conference: Registration now live

July 11, 2023
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Registration now open for the AFHTO 2023 Conference!

Canadians believe that healthcare is a right- it’s core to our national identity. Despite this core belief, access to healthcare in Ontario, and across other provinces, is inequitable. This inequity in access extends to primary care, the foundation of the healthcare system. The academic literature, along with health systems reporting, echo the anecdotal evidence from our communities – there isn’t enough healthcare to go around. This reality has significant implications for patients, family members, providers, and the system.

While it may feel as though little has changed to address health system challenges in recent years, the voices of our communities and providers have gotten louder and are speaking together. These voices are unequivocally calling for team-based care. Primary care teams and broader partnerships between healthcare providers, municipalities, and others, are more focused on treating the whole patient than ever before. Government is listening and realizing the opportunity to take bold action.

Join your peers from across Ontario and beyond as we push forward, to make team-based care a reality for all.

See the full Conference Schedule here. For general information, you can visit our conference page.  

We look forward to seeing you at the AFHTO 2023 Conference!