Demonstrating the value of team-based care

May 29, 2023
By Andrew Bazemore, Zach Merenstein, Lara Handler and John W. Saultz The Annals of Family Medicine May 2023, 21 (3) 274-279;  DOI: Abstract PURPOSE: Interpersonal continuity has been shown to play an essential role in primary care’s salutary effects. Amid 2
March 24, 2023
Chronic noncancer pain management Integration of a nurse-led program in primary care   Research article published in Canadian Family Physician March 2023, 69 (3) e52-e60 Abstract Problem addressed Chronic noncancer pain is often excessively managed with medications (most notably opioids)
March 02, 2023
By Heidi Singer on November 30, 2022 With Canadian health care systems in crisis, a University of Toronto researcher is working to inform stakeholders on building high-performing integrated primary care systems – work that she hopes will support them to make real change in the sector. Prof. 
January 10, 2023
Research article published in The Annals of Family Medicine November 2022, 20 (6) 505-511 Evaluation of an Enhanced Primary Care Team Model to Improve Diabetes Care Abstract PURPOSE Primary care practices manage most patients with diabetes and face considerable operational, regulatory, and
January 10, 2023
Research article published in BMC Primary Care 23, 294 (2022) The experience of primary care teams during the early phase of COVID-19: A qualitative study of primary care practice leaders in Ontario, Canada Abstract Background The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid shift to virtual care in
December 06, 2022
In a June article 'QHC honours Belleville nurse practitioner-led clinic, Gateway centre' we learned Belleville “has also received funding to provide follow up care to QHC newborns during their first two months of life,” Kearns continued. That program has yet to be established fully, but the clinic
October 24, 2022
HOSTED BY The Alliance for healthier communities, nurse practitioner-led clinic association and AFHTO   On October 3, 2022, the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table (OST) released its final brief, a 3-part exploration of how primary care responded to and was affected by the pandemic, and
October 14, 2022
There is significant strain and challenges facing the healthcare sector. We can move forward together in reimagining and rebuilding health care in Ontario, and this rebuild must start with primary care teams.  Integrated health neighbourhoods have proven effective around the world, and Ontario is
October 12, 2022
On October 12 AFHTO named the winners of our eleventh Bright Lights Awards at our ceremony at our annual conference. These innovators have improved access to primary care through their leadership, outstanding work and significant progress made toward improving the value delivered by
January 25, 2022
Research article published in The Annals of Family Medicine January 2022, 20 (1) 24-31 Impact of Team-Based Care on Emergency Department Use Abstract PURPOSE We sought to assess the impact of team-based care on emergency department (ED) use in the context of physicians transitioning from fee-for
December 17, 2021
Research article published in Annals of Family Medicine September 2021, 19 (5) 411-418 Primary Care 2.0: A Prospective Evaluation of a Novel Model of Advanced Team Care With Expanded Medical Assistant Support Abstract PURPOSE Assess effectiveness of Primary Care 2.0: a team-based model that
December 06, 2021
The Delivery of Patient Care in Ontario’s Family Health Teams during the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, HEALTHCARE POLICY, Vol.17 No.2, 2021 Abstract Objective: The objective of this paper was to identify continuations and changes in care delivery methods in primary care teams during the