Stay-At-Home Order Welcome But More Needed

April 07, 2021

Shared by the Primary Care Collaborative

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April 7, 2021 - The Primary Care Collaborative welcomes the Ontario Government’s announcement of new provincial measures to stop the alarming spread of COVID-19. While the vaccine rollout continues across the province, we are in a race against the variants, and bold action was needed to protect all Ontarians, particularly those most marginalized. We recognize the collective exhaustion with COVID-19 restrictions, including among primary care providers, yet the stay-at-home order is necessary if we are to turn the tide on the pandemic.

A further step needed to slow the spread and halt the devastation of COVID-19 is provincial support for paid sick days, which would support staying home when ill. As well, we echo the Ontario Medical Association in urging those who are able to support their local restaurants and other small businesses by ordering food and other goods through delivery or curbside pickup. 
This pandemic has shown time and again that COVID-19 will affect the most vulnerable among us. Primary care will continue to step up by providing care, staffing assessment centres, and now integrally involved in the vaccine rollout. We will do our part to ensure equity is front and centre in our response and we will work together with the Ontario Government and Public Health to end COVID-19. 

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