Provincial Policy Manual for Primary Care Teams and Practices

November 02, 2018

We are pleased to share the Provincial Policy Manual developed for primary care.

The policy templates can be used by primary care teams across the province or by other primary care practices (solo physicians and non-team based clinics). The manual gives you the flexibility to determine, for your own practice or setting, what policies are required, and whether/how they should be tailored for your unique circumstances. To be effective, policies should be reviewed on a regular basis (e.g. every 2 to 3 years) to ensure that they continue to be compliant with legislation, and to assess whether they are achieving their stated goal.

AFHTO will be updating policies in this manual annually. Although all the policy templates in the manual have been reviewed by legal and HR expertise, users should consult with their own legal counsel for advice pertaining to the use of these policies.

We would like to thank the Partnering for Quality Program for its contribution to the development of this policy manual, with special thanks to Clinton FHT, West Durham FHT and Thames Valley FHT. The Partnering for Quality Program is a regional program in the South West LHIN that aims to improve information management and collaboration between primary care and community health care partners with the ultimate goal of improving chronic disease prevention.


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