MOHLTC Inviting Applications for New Midwifery Programs

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Association of Ontario Midwives are inviting applications for two new programs that have been introduced with a special focus on access, choice, and addressing health inequities:

  • Indigenous Midwifery Programs are designed to enhance culturally safe midwifery care and traditional services for expectant families in Indigenous communities.
  • Expanded Midwifery Care Models (EMCM)are intended o enable community based midwifery services to be delivered in a variety of settings where the existing midwifery practice group (MPG) model and funding arrangement aren’t appropriate. These settings could include interprofessional primary care teams.

Interested parties can contact the Ministry at to request the application and supporting guidance documents. For those unable to apply this year, there will be an annual application process. Relevant Links