Examining the Healthcare Experiences of Foreign-Born Older Canadians: Call for Participants

April 25, 2019

Examining the Healthcare Experiences of Foreign-Born Older Canadians: A Pilot Study – Call for Participants

Overview: Although foreign-born older adults (immigrant seniors) are at a higher risk for certain chronic diseases and negative health conditions, limited Canadian studies have examined healthcare experiences of foreign-born older adults (FBOAs), and few have developed or proposed practical solutions to support patient engagement, system navigation ,and care coordination. This is an exploratory study aimed at further understanding FBOA-patient and provider interactions and experiences across the system. The intent is use these pilot data to develop a future program of research and grant application to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research focused on supporting FBOAs and their health care providers.
Requested Support: The University of Waterloo is reaching out to community organizations and partners to seek their preliminary guidance and perspectives. If you currently work with FBOAs, they would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to learn from your experiences.  Furthermore, if there are any FBOA patients that you think would be interested in sharing their healthcare experiences, please let them know.
This study is being led by Dr. Paul Stolee, with the assistance of Dr. Catherine Tong, whose PhD research focused on the health of foreign-born older immigrants and who has prior experience conducting multilingual studies with older adults. If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions please contact Alison Kernoghan (alison.kernoghan@uwaterloo.ca).