Burlington OHT Mobile App helps people Seeking Local Health & Social Services

January 25, 2022

Burlington FHT is a proud Burlington Ontario Health Team member.  Acting as the Implementation Funding Transfer Payment Agent and BOHT Remote Community Management Program Lead, we are pleased to support the BOHT System Navigation Program. 

The Navigator app facilitates people to find multiple health and community agency programs and services easily. It's the first of its kind province-wide that an OHT has created that offers a single access point to a wide variety of community providers. The OHT launched the app in November 2021, and we are working on Version 2, which will include a physician resource portal. 

In addition to assisting with developing the Burlington OHT Navigator app, BFHT also offers one-on-one support for community residents when needed. Another great program launched alongside this is the BOHT Virtual Care Library.  The VCL loans community members without technology a tablet and access to the internet temporarily through a referral from community physicians and agencies.  The Navigator app is the first public-facing BOHT has initiated, demonstrating what can be achieved through OHT collaboration.

For more information, please contact Joanne Pearson, Executive Director, BFHT.  jpearson@burlingtonfht.com

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