AFHTO launches Data to Decisions 1.0: comparing measures across teams for the first time

October 02, 2014

Data to Decisions 1.0: Advancing Primary Care (D2D 1.0) is the tangible result of our collective “get started” effort in team-based performance measurement across the AFHTO membership. D2D 1.0 is a summary of primary care data that are currently available, comparable and mean the most to AFHTO members in their efforts to advance quality of care for their patients. AFHTO members can access D2D 1.0 in the Members Only website.

Why D2D 1.0?

Measuring our performance helps us demonstrate the value of patient-centered, relationship-based comprehensive primary care.  It helps us fulfill our commitment to our patients by helping us find the gaps locally AND provincially so we can direct the attention of our funders and partners to work with our members to improve the system.  Measurement also helps us use our resources to develop processes and tools that can help ALL primary care providers use manageable and meaningful measurement to improve quality. The measures in D2D 1.0 were selected by members through a process that began with Indicator Working Group review of indicators defined by the HQO’s Primary Care Performance Measurement Framework and aligned with the Starfield principles, and culminated with a vote by members on a short list based on data availability and feasibility. Fifty members contributed their data in this completely voluntary initiative. D2D 1.0 can be used by ALL members – whether or not your team has contributed data. The report is accompanied by a suite of supporting materials to help teams use the data to advance their work to improve quality for their patients.