Learnings from primary care: Vaccine roll-out across Ontario

Fri, February 26, 2021

On February 26, we heard from teams that have stepped up to provide leadership for vaccine distribution in their communities. They spoke to work that is underway, including roll-out and operation of mass immunization clinics, utilisation of mobile units to reach vulnerable people, and collaboration with primary care partners.

They shared unique examples of work in their regions; offered guidance and advice; and spoke to planning considerations and lessons learned.

The following leaders presented and answered questions:

  • Jill Berridge, Executive Director, McMaster FHT
  • Robin Mackie, Executive Director, Delhi FHT
  • Michèle Lajeunesse, Community Health Promotion Coordinator, Marathon FHT
  • Teri Arany, Executive Director, Toronto Western FHT 


Dr. Daniel Warshafsky, Senior Medical Consultant, Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health at the Ministry of Health, also joined the call to provide an update on vaccine roll-out and to take questions. He spoke to the following:

  • Primary care involvement in vaccine roll-out and administration (including in clinic)
  • The different vaccines and the variants of concern
  • Patient portal for vaccine appointments, including eligibility and registration
  • Vaccinating the 80+ population
  • COVAX training for primary care providers
  • Patient consent process
  • Development and oversight of medical directives
  • Pharmacy vaccinations


The slides can be seen here.

You can watch the webinar here: