C1 - Eat.Move.Repeat: A cross cultural, action based approach to lifestyle and wellness programs.

1. Access to care: improving access to team-based care

  • Date: Friday, September 20, 2019
  • Concurrent Session C
  • Time: 8:45am – 9:30am

  • Room: Pier 4
  • Style: Presentation (information provided to audience, with opportunity for audience to ask question)
  • Focus: Practical (e.g. Presentation on how to implement programs and/or practices in the team environment)
  • Target Audience: Clinical providers, Representatives of stakeholder/partner organizations

Learning Objectives

This presentation will define the process of developing an action oriented approach to healthy lifestyle program in a community setting using multi-organizational leads. The Eat.Move.Repeat format demonstrates how such a program can enable learning through actions opposed to utilizing the more common presentation approach. Attendees and reviewers will see the framework of a program that enables participants to practice both healthy eating and physical activity in a safe and supportive setting while integrating the richness of indigenous traditions.     Our goal with this presentation is to inspire participants to design a wellness program specifically tailored to the needs, resources, and demographics of their community.


Eat. Move. Repeat is a unique and innovative healthy lifestyle and wellness program using an action oriented approach to learning. Lead by a multi- organizational collaboration between FHT’s and CHC’s, Eat.Move.Repeat is a more sustainable model of programming in a sector where funding and resources are limited in a Northern Ontario community.      Clients are involved in a 12-week program that alternates healthy cooking classes and a new physical activity from week to week. Cooking classes focus on moving beyond concepts of what is “healthy/not-healthy” as participants collectively work on a recipe while developing food literacy and skills. This format allows participants to find enjoyment in cooking and eating together while trying nutritious foods that may not be a typical part of their intake. These concepts correspond with Canada’s new Dietary Guidelines developed to decrease dietary risk and disease burden.

Each physical activity session allows participants to try a new activity in a setting that is social, engaging and nonjudgmental.  Activities are selected that are available in the community on an ongoing basis (e.g.  snow shoeing and aqua aerobics etc.) and seamlessly incorporates Indigenous and traditional teachings into many of the group sessions.

The collaborative team approach between Health Promoters, Kinesiologists and Dietitians facilitates access to the knowledge and expertise required to reach their health related goals regardless of where they stand along the spectrum of health and illness.

Eat.Move.Repeat is a unique program for primary care in the province, teaching clients to become active and independent at improving their health, and in turn reducing stress on the primary health care system. We have found that our clients are more actively involved in making healthy choices and are accountable to themselves with respect to improving their overall health (weight loss, managing chronic pain, diabetes management, improving hypertension etc.).


  • Hillary Deyne Bergounhon, MAHN., RD, East End Family Health Team  
  • Jason Porritt, R.Kin., Health Promoter, Timmins Family Health Team 
  • Kristin Murray, Health Promoter, Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre 
  • Danielle Lawrence, RD CDE, Timmins Family Health Team 


  • Kelvin Pang RD CDE