AFHTO 2023 Closing Plenary- Many Hands, One Goal: Five everyday personal practices to elevate team-based success.

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Time: 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM

Many Hands, One Goal: Five everyday personal practices to elevate team-based success.

Some people arrive and team energy spikes! Others appear and team energy tanks. Under which category do you fall? Are you aware of how you are perceived by colleagues/fellow staff and those in the community that you serve? Is there a chance that you know how to demonstrate your upbeat, positive attitude, service excellence acumen, impressive personal leadership traits, and empathic and responsive team-based communication skills, but find these coveted traits just aren’t coming through as well lately because day-to-day stresses, constant changes in people and situations, and the demands of your position secretly weigh you down?

And even if you are one of the lucky ones—who has continued to champion a team-based workplace culture, despite it all—how do you sustain your team’s success moving forward? How do you help inspire your teammates to do the same—to help fortify and cheer on your organization’s strong and proud community-service brand?

You’re much more likely to feel passionate about your professional contributions, and dedication to team-based efforts, if you earnestly embrace and practice specific mindsets and behaviours every day. Many Hands, One Goal offers a doable-today strategy for doing just that: five daily personal practices designed to elevate team-based success by inspiring, informing and refueling you and your whole team!


Nina smiles with her hands clasped in front. She stands in front of a dark red background and is wearing a black jacket with white spotted top.

Nina Spencer

Bestselling author of, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession, and, A Time to Creep, A Time to Soar, contributor to The Globe and Mail’s Mentor Minute, communications specialist for Biz TV Canada, and weekly personality on CKOC, Nina also appears on programs such as, TVO’s The Agenda, Newstalk 1010, Zoomer Radio, CTV, Global, CITY and CBC—and in 2016/2017 hosted the TV program, Daytime Toronto. She’s also been profiled by publications such as, Maclean’s, Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest and Chatelaine—and on Air Canada’s Inflight Business Station.


Speaking on professional passion, engagement and motivation, Nina is embraced by a diversity of industries—especially healthcare! —and successfully reaches a full range of audiences with a balanced blend of content and humour. Nina’s energetic, fun, and informative platform style, and insightful perspectives, help make conferences educational, inspirational, long-to-be-remembered positive experiences. Her latest keynote and book recount her experience of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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