2022 On-Demand Sessions

Our presentations are organized into four themes. To help you plan your conference schedule, we have arranged the sessions by date, concurrent session, time, theme, and title.


Concurrent session presentations were chosen by working groups consisting of AFHTO members across Ontario, representing the full breadth of professions within collaborative primary care. Submissions were chosen for reflecting the conference theme, usefulness/applicability to interprofessional primary care teams, innovativeness, evidence of impact, and clear learning objectives.

On-Demand Sessions

The sessions listed on this page are pre-recorded and will be released on the date and time listed for you to watch at your perusal anytime during the conference, and after the conference for a limited time as well. For and general concurrent sessions visit here.

Release Date Theme Title
October 12th, 2022 1. It takes a team: collaboration inside and out Creation and Implementation of a Homebound Vaccination Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
October 12th, 2022 2. Health equity at the centre Implementing Youth Advisory Councils in Primary Care Settings: The Importance of Acknowledging Youth Patient Voices
October 12th, 2022 3. Sustainable solutions to primary care problems “No Side-Effects from This” Implementing a Medication Reconciliation Program Post-Hospital Discharge That is the Best Medicine!
October 12th, 2022 4. Mental health and addictions Managing dementia at home: the Ontario Programs for Sustaining family caregivers
October 12th, 2022 1. It takes a team: collaboration inside and out An Integrated Care Team for Older Adults: Embedding Geriatric Expertise in a FHT
October 12th, 2022 4. Mental health and addictions Healing From The Inside, Out: Trauma Informed Mindfulness Training for PTSD 
October 12th, 2022 4. Mental health and addictions Implementation of an Adult ADHD Group through Interprofessional Collaboration on a Family Health Team Improves Functional Outcomes


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Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to:
- Full conference, 2.5 Category II credits
- On-demand sessions, maximum of 2.75 Category II credits*
towards their maintenance of certification requirement.

* Pre-recorded on-demand sessions will accrue the following MOC II credits:
• 1 session = 0.25
• 2 sessions = 0.75
• 3 sessions = 1.25
• 4 sessions = 1.5
• 5 sessions = 2
• 6 sessions = 2.25
• 7 sessions = 2.75

This Group Learning program has been reviewed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and is awaiting final certification by the College’s Ontario Chapter.


2022 Concurrent Sessions