Team-Based Approaches to Chronic Pain Management: Opioid Stewardship

Thu, February 28, 2019

Nearly 20% of Canadian adults experience chronic pain. If some of them are your patients, you want to help them manage it in a way that is safe and effective. This may include opioids, other medications, or non-pharmacological approaches to pain control. When they use opioids, you want to support good stewardship and help keep them safe. This webinar can help.

Join us on Thursday, February 28 from 12:00-1:00pm for Team-Based Approaches to Chronic Pain Management: Opioid Stewardshippresented by Dr. Jennifer Wyman. This webinar will introduce you to some of the principles of safe pain management and opioid stewardship.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The role of the team in supporting patients who use opioids to manage chronic non-cancer pain.
  • When is the dose too high? – Assessing opioid benefits and risks.
  • Supporting patients on their journey with chronic pain.
  • Recognizing opioid use disorder in the primary care setting.

This webinar will also introduce you to the Opioids Clinical PrimerLed by Dr. Wyman from the University of Toronto, in collaboration with experts and community practitioners from across the province, this free, accredited online course is intended to help clinicians address opioid use disorder and implement safer opioid prescribing strategies in the management of chronic pain.

To prepare for the webinar, please consider reviewing the third course, Safer Opioid Prescribing Strategies, prior to the sessionIt’s free to access; you’ll simply need to sign up with your email address.

The slide deck can be found here.