IPAC-CEO and PHO Education Day 2018

Crisis Alert - IPAC Needed When a crisis happens often people don't realize the implications for Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC) or what steps to take. Learn from colleagues who have experienced a crisis and used their IPAC knowledge to resolve a risky situation. Join Public Health Ontario for a day of networking with IPAC colleagues and also industry partners. Prepare to be inspired by speakers who will be sharing their first hand experiences, as well as vendors with helpful ideas for innovative equipment and product samples to assist us in our collective quest to reduce infection risk. There is something for everyone - Fire, Floods, Blood, and more -  in hospital, dialysis, dental, community, paramedic, non-acute care, and personal service settings. More and more, infection prevention and control (IPAC) lapses are featured in the news. Many people do not realize the IPAC implications of environmental events such as water leaks, or common procedures like blood glucose testing. While this education day features an array of  presenters, including from Public Health Ontario, and topics from across the spectrum of health care -  hospital, dialysis, dental, community, paramedic, non-acute care, and personal service settings, the real-life situations discussed and lessons learned are very applicable across settings. Participants will learn how to assess the risks in their organizations to enhance their preparedness for the next emergency – big or small. You do not need to be a member of IPAC Canada to register. Registration closes November 22, 2018 Event details: Thursday, November 29, 2018 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences 700 Gordon Street, Whitby, ON Cost - $75.00 (including parking) Cick here for the IPAC-CEO Education Day 2018 Agenda (PDF) For further information contact: Margaret Cameron (PRHC) mcameron@prhc.on.ca or Leanne Harding (RMH) lharding@rmh.org