2018 Webinars on Legal Topics for EDs and Managers of Primary Care Clinics

Calling all FHTs, FHOs, NPLCs (and birth centres)!

Join me and Maria McDonald from McDonald HR Law for my 5th annual Legal Issues for Primary Care Teams which will launch January 2018.

The topics we will cover in the 2018 webinar series are:

  • January - Protected leaves of absence from the workplace - including the new domestic and sexual violence leave
  • February - Wow. I wasn't expecting that! - unusual but volatile situations in health care
  • March - Staff illness - sick leave and return to work plans
  • April - Opening up to the community - issues when opening FHT programmes to the community and to non-FHT affiliated physician practices
  • May - The lowdown on getting high - medical marijuana in the workplace, and cannabis legislation
  • June - Do you know where you can file that!? - tips on documenting incident reports, patient warning letters, CMPA advice and other touchy stuff
  • September - "I'm being harrassed!" - responding to harassment by non-employees, patients, doctors and others
  • October - Police! - dealing with police in healthcare practices
  • November - Key employment law cases - from 2017-2018
  • December - Shared services agreements - between FHTs and FHOs

For more information, please visit: https://primary-care-webinars.katedewhirst.com/