Registered Nurse - Summerville FHT (Mississauga)

Title: Registered Nurse / Full-time contract with possibility of extension. File #: FHT 11- 2014 Dept/Health System: Summerville Family Health Team (FHT) in collaboration with Trillium Health Centre Reports to: Manager, of the Family Medicine Teaching Unit Posted: November 24, 2014
Position Summary:  Operating within their full scope of practice, the nurse will work collaboratively with all members of the Trillium -Summerville   Medicine Teaching Unit in the treatment of illnesses, promotion of patient health, and the prevention of disease.  The nurses will provide services at the Mississauga Site. Job Responsibilities: 
  • Triage incoming patient calls.  Assess patient’s health needs, discuss test results and respond to questions pertaining to health promotion and disease prevention
  • Redirect calls to booking when necessary.  Notify Physician of calls as per guidelines
  • For patient appointments, where applicable, initiate the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of the patient visit, purpose, history and health care needs.  Record patient vitals and prepare patient and room for examination
  • Implement Physician’s orders ensuring that patients undertake requisite diagnostic testing.  Book appointments for patients and educate them as to the purpose and preparation for such tests
  • Maintain a system to recall patients for health promotion and disease prevention follow-up such as immunizations, pap smears, mammograms, FOB testing, bone density and diabetes care
  • Administer and record immunization
  • Educate patients as to the need for and the possible side effects of such injections
  • Perform blood pressure follow-ups that include assessing the patient’s response to medications and providing patient education and self management strategies as per FHT program guidelines
  • Maintain the INR monitoring and management system
  • Treat patients with minor infections, such as UTI, following established medical directives, ensuring that appropriate testing and follow-up is undertaken
  • Complete pre-operative and MTO physical forms
  • Maintain accurate, concise and confidential EMR documentation pertaining to patient history and encounter data
  • Complete necessary FHT Program business documentation
  • Develop collaborative community relationships to facilitate patient access to services upon physician/health care team’s request
  • Communicate ideas and concerns to the health care team and participate in problem solving to enhance patient care
  • Assist in the training and development of new staff
  • Participate in educational sessions held by other FHT multi-disciplinary team members
  • Participate in educational sessions and academic half days held for residents and medical clerks as required
  • Teach and mentor medical residents and clerks on the role of a Registered Nurse within the Family Health Team.
 Key Qualifications:
  • 3 years working experience in a primary care setting is required
  • Current certificate of Registration from the College of Nurses of Ontario (RN)
  • Excellent patient assessment and triaging skills
  • Knowledge of and working experience with computer systems and applications
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to  work collaboratively  as a member of the FHT’s multi-disciplinary team
  • Teaching experience in a primary health setting.
  • Knowledge of the Complexities of a academic environment
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