Primary Care Lead – Inner City Health Association (Inner City FHT – Toronto)

ICHA is an incorporated group of physicians, working in frontline homeless service settings throughout the City of Toronto. Numbering 65 physicians in total, ICHA has already made significant contributions to the redesign of our local system of health care for those who are homeless and have complex support needs. To further advance its mandate, ICHA is currently seeking a Primary Care Lead, to join its executive team.  The Primary Care Lead is both responsible for the management of a large section of ICHA’s clinical activities, and for system-wide planning, in collaboration with the ICHA Executive team and Medical Director. It is expected that the Primary Care Lead will devote 8-10 hours per week in administrative activities and undertake a few hours of clinical work in a frontline homeless setting, remunerated through our ICHA Alternate Payment Plan. Specific responsibilities of the job include:
  • Develop policies and strategies to support he primary care mandate of the organization
  • Recruit and retain primary care physicians to serve at ICHA sites including for locum coverage
  • Identify, develop and maintain primary care sites that meet the vision and mission of the organization.  This work to be completed in partnership with the Outreach Coordinator.
  • Work with the Mental Health Lead to identify synergies in ICHA sites, improve the model of care and ensure equitable treatment of ICHA members regardless of profession.
  • Improve the quality of care delivered at ICHA primary care sites including supporting relevant initiatives of the Population Health Lead.
  • Participate in broader organizational policy and strategy setting as a member of the executive.
  • Advance the mandate of the role and the organization through engaging relevant partners including the City of Toronto, Local Health Integration Networks and HealthLinks.
  • Support the educational mandate of the organization by building capacity at primary care sites that supports the activities of the Education Lead.
  • Support the Medical Director to ensure the Board is appropriately appraised and engaged with the activities of the role.
This position, reporting to the Medical Director, requires a primary care provider with exemplary communication and leadership skills.  Experience in community care and marginalized populations will be strongly preferred. Advanced training in public health, health  systems or health administration is  considered a great asset. Please forward your CV along with a letter of interest to Alexandra Pinto, at