Mental Health Counsellor – Georgian Bay FHT (Collingwood)

Position: Counsellor   Status: Full-Time Date: October 4, 2013   Reporting To: Executive Director and Team Lead Salary: $62,000 - $69.003 yearly (37.5 hrs/wk)  Supervision: No PURPOSE The Counsellor provides counselling/therapy and other therapeutic functions and participates in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programs and services for individuals, couples, families, and the community. The Counsellor is an individual with mental health expertise, be it related to health promotion, prevention, treatment, self-help or peer support. A range of mental health services and supports is offered within the Georgian Bay Family Health Team (GBFHT) and may be offered by a variety of providers either as part of the GBFHT itself or through arrangements with community agencies. Accountability: The Counsellor is to practice within the scope and according to the standards of practice as outlined in the following documents:
  • The Regulated Health Professionals Act (1991)
  • Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, Code of Ethics and
  • Standards of Practice, 2000
  • The Public Hospitals Act (2003)
  • The Mental Health Act, 1990
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES PERFORMED 1) Clinical Skills- 60% a) Provides social assessment of clinic patients. b) Provides counselling services with particular regard to individual and family issues and decisions that impact the health of the patient and family. c) Formulates and implements appropriate therapy to deal with underlying dynamics contributing to or exacerbating the illness. d) Supports and encourages patients/families to articulate their needs, explore their emotional responses and assist problem solving through engagement in a counselling/therapeutic relationship. e) Identifies and supports access to community, voluntary and professional services and programs appropriate to the care needs of the patient. f) Assists the referring physician with referrals to secondary and tertiary health care centres. g) Acts as an advocate for patients and their families in matters affecting health. h) Provides house calls and community outreach visits when appropriate. i) Liaises with physicians and other team members as required. j) Liaises with other care providers in the healthcare system and community. k) Provides patient education – individual and group sessions to clarify understanding and management of particular health issues. l) Educates family medicine residents, medical and allied health students on the role of the Counsellor and psychosocial issues facing patients and families. m) Participates in on-going research related to client groups of the GBFHT. n) Provides communication to hospital and community staff and other interprofessional team members to ensure smooth transition for care between sites. o) Works within a common practice framework with standards for assessments, communications, timelines, charting, best practice therapy modalities, etc, p) Sees any patient whom the physician refers, being able to triage and prioritize on a case by case basic. q) Conducts full biopsychosocial assessments and prepares plans for intervention or for further assessment by the consulting psychiatrist. r) Implements various goal-oriented, time-limited treatment and psychoeducational strategies, including such modalities as cognitive behavioral therapy, short-term solution focused therapy, family counseling, and psychoeducation groups. s) Facilitate referrals to other services, including specialized and intensive services in the formal mental health system, and will facilitate communication and networking between the GBFHT and the formal mental health system. For further information please see the full job description. Applicants can apply by emailing a coverletter and resume to