AFHTO 2022 Conference: Health and Safety

AFHTO 2022 Conference -Health and Safety


AFHTO is committed to the health and safety of conference attendees. Given the continued uncertainty and risk, we will be taking all steps available to us to ensure a safe and healthy environment. We will be strongly encouraging all participants to take such steps alongside AFHTO staff and volunteers, including wearing high quality masks in indoor areas, COVID-19 vaccination, and physical distancing. While no environment can eliminate risk, we will do the utmost to update you as information evolves, so that we can all take the necessary steps to keep each other safe.

Sheraton Centre Toronto protocols

Increasing Outdoor Air Dilution:

  • Continuously running public space HVAC system that has Outside Air 24/7.
  • Maximizing Outside Air while maintaining relative humidity/temperature guidelines/pressure drop/CFM flow design
  • Maintaining humidity levels between 40-60%rh
  • Maintaining temperature between the degrees of 68–75 Fahrenheit/20-24 Celsius

Improving Filtration:

  • Improving HVAC filtration with the high-quality filter to the highest level achievable based on equipment design, MERV13 filters for public space where the air is recirculated
  • Monitoring HVAC performance to adjust filter frequency change out
  • This system constantly monitors air quality (CO2 levels being one of the measurements it monitors) and adjusts the ventilation accordingly.


  • Sanitizer stations located throughout the public areas

At the registration desk we will have available:

  • Rapid access tests
  • Honeywell H910 Plus N95 Particulate Respirator Face Masks- NIOSH approved- for anyone whose mask has broken or otherwise malfunctioned