Teen Drop-in Program

2011 AFHTO conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Janet Obre, RN (EC), BScN, PHCNP; Kate Jasper, B.A., M.Sc., Mental Health Counselllor


ABSTRACT: The “Teen Health Check In” Clinic was developed to increase accessibility to mental and physical health care for youth in our practice community. The goal of the clinic is to provide information and supports that promote prevention, early identification and intervention for common mental and physical health concerns in a format that fits for teens. The plan for achieving this involves offering weekly open access / drop in time for teens, no appointment is necessary and youth can meet with a nurse practitioner and / or a mental health counselor. This initiative was developed in collaboration with community partners that can be referred to from the clinic. In providing this clinic the gap between mental and physical health is closed thereby decreasing stigma associated with mental health concerns. This presentation will outline the development and progress of this initiative, specifically addressing need, planning, implementation and evaluation.

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