Summerville Arthritis Program An Innovative Approach to Local Partnerships for Osteoarthritis Care

AFHTO 2011 conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Lucy Bonanno, Executive Director;  Nadya Zukowski, Health Promotion Specialist

FHT/ORG: Summerville FHT

ABSTRACT: The Summerville Arthritis Program is a novel, collaborative approach to community Osteoarthritis care. Our interdisciplinary team partnered with The Arthritis Society and Pfizer to map out the delivery of a comprehensive yet flexible program. The program guides the patient through in-house services including a group education session, one-on-one counseling, a joint injection clinic and the ‘Maximize Your Health’ Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. It also identifies a pathway for Rheumatoid Arthritis care. The program was piloted winter 2011 and is now being offered Summerville-wide starting fall 2011, thus optimizing patient-centered care.

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