Reducing Depression Symptoms & Instilling Hope

2011 AFHTO conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Kimberly Vaughan, MSW RSW; Elizabeth Smith, RN (EC), MN PHC Nurse Practitioner

FHT/ORG: Thames Valley FHT- Old South Site

ABSTRACT: Adapted from the Antidepressant Skills Workbook (Dan Bilsker PhD/Randy Paterson PhD), this program for individuals with mild/moderate depression is short, structured, and focused on getting activated. An antidepressant toolkit encourages SMART goals and small steps towards success. Participants complete the PHQ-9 and Herth Hope Index at the beginning of the first session and at the end of the fourth session to provide pre- and post-test evaluation of the program’s effectiveness. In the pilot project of this program, participants post-test PHQ-9 scores averaged 2-3 points less than pre-test scores and post-test HHI scores averaged 4-6 points higher than pre-test scores indicating an decrease in depressive symptoms and an increase in hopefulness. Feedback provided by participants was overwhelmingly positive emphasizing benefits of the materials provided and the group format. Facilitated by a social worker and nurse practitioner, the success of this intervention also highlights the impact of interdisciplinary collaboration of FHT’s.

Click here to view presentation.

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