Motivational Interviewing

2011 AFHTO conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Jessica Kelly, Registered Dietitian

FHT/ORG: Stratford Family Health Team

ABSTRACT: For Registered Dietitians and other health care professionals, facilitating positive lifestyle and behavioral change is a major part of one’s job, especially when it comes to chronic disease management.  While it can be rewarding, it often proves to be quite challenging at times.  One way to facilitate behavior change that seems to be slowly emerging in not only the literature but in workshops and conferences is “motivational interviewing” (MI).  There are many formats one can take to learn more about MI, however it can often appear difficult to turn the theory of MI into application.  This workshop is designed to share some practical tried and tested methods of how one can implement specific motivational interviewing strategies to not only provide a more rewarding experience for their patients, but make their own job appear less challenging.

Click here to view presentation.

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