Mr. J.C. Kirk

J.C. Kirk has served as the Executive Director of the Southlake Academic Family Health Team (SAHFT) since May 2015.  SAFHT is comprised of 2 FHOs (containing 20 affiliated physicians), over 20 IHP and 18 residents who provide team based primary health care services to 28,000 patients across four sites in the Newmarket and surrounding area.  In his time with SAFHT, J.C. has assisted the organization in improving their governance practices, improving staff and affiliated physician satisfaction and helped the organization revise their programs and services to ensure the specific needs of their patient populations are met.  J.C. graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Master of Science degree in physiotherapy before practicing in a private orthopaedic multidisciplinary clinic as a registered physiotherapist.  After taking on management roles within multiple rehabilitation clinics, he completed his Masters of Business Administration degree and joined the corporate team of a national occupational health care organization as their Director of Operations before joining SAFHT in his current role.