Improving Lung Health and Reducing Health Care Costs

2011 AFHTO conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Andrea Stevens Lavigne, MBA, Vice-President, Provincial Programs; Carole Madeley, RRT, CRE, MASc, Director, Respiratory Health Programs

FHT/ORG: Ontario Lung Association

ABSTRACT: Research from the Ontario Lung Association has demonstrated that a comprehensive patient care model for primary care, which utilizes evidenced-based tools for health care providers and patient education, can not only improve lung health but also save health care costs. The Primary Care Asthma Program (PCAP) model was proven to be effective in improving patient outcomes and reducing expensive healthcare resources. A Comprehensive Patient Care Model suggests adapting the successful asthma management model (PCAP) for COPD patients, and making the model available to all patients with asthma or COPD throughout Ontario. The direct economic impact of other interventions, such as smoking cessation models, will also be illustrated, over 10 years and 30 years into the future.

Click here to view presentation.

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