Collaboration In Action – Family Health Teams, Children’s Aid, and Public Health Working Together To Support Families

2011 AFHTO conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Brenda Mills, Coordinator, Child & Youth Mental Health Initiative; Jaclyn Busser, BScN, RN, CCHN(C) Public Health Nurse City of Hamilton & Hamilton FHT

FHT/ORG: Hamilton Family Health Team

ABSTRACT: The Hamilton Family Health Team (HFHT) has embarked on two key partnerships to improve patient care. This presentation will discuss the unique relationships between the HFHT and the Children’s Aids Societies, and the HFHT and Public Health Services. The first initiative involved the assignment of two child protection staff to work collaboratively with three family practices to increase knowledge and communication with a goal of early intervention and prevention strategies that are timely and less intrusive. The second initiative, the HFHT- Public Health relationship, started in 2009 with a focus on facilitating adaptation of the new ‘Enhanced 18 Month Well Baby Visit’ and has continued to expand since that time. This presentation will illustrate how the HFHTs partnerships have reduced barriers and increased capacity building, and will provide insight as to facilitating factors, challenges and key lessons learned from both exciting collaborations.

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