Anticoagulation Management

2011 AFHTO conference presentation

PRESENTER (S): Sherri Elms, Pharmacist; Dr. Karen Hall Barber

FHT/ORG: Queen’s FHT

ABSTRACT: Our point-of-care, pharmacist-driven anticoagulation management program began in September 2009, based on the recommendations of a medical student research project and our FHT pharmacist. The program draws on the skills of our pharmacist, nursing team, resident physicians, and nurse practitioner team. Since the introduction of this program, time-in-therapeutic-range has increased from 68% to 72% and the percentage of patients drawn within 28 days has improved from 43% to 92%. Currently, almost 100% of our patients on anti-coagulation medications have been enrolled in this program and anecdotal feedback from providers and patients has been very strong. This session will focus on challenges and successes, as well as recommendations for other FHTs who are interested in this type of program.

Click here to view presentation.

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