All FHT leaders are invited to give input on AFHTO’s future

A web-based meeting attended by over 70 FHT leaders on February 9 indicated agreement with AFHTO’s general direction.  We would like to hear more from you about where we place our priorities and how we resource the work needed to advance them.

Whether or not you participated in the web meeting, we invite all FHT leaders to complete a brief survey to give more detailed input on your association’s direction and the ways in which we can power this work through volunteer resources and sustainable infrastructure.  The link to the survey was e-mailed to all FHT leaders on February 10. If you missed the survey link, please e-mail caitlin.burgess@afhto.ca to receive it.

To download a copy of the draft strategic plan, please click here
To view the slides from the February 9 meeting, please click here .

AFHTO works with FHTs and for FHTs as the advocate, champion, network and resource centre for this innovative model of care.  The draft strategic plan flows from the direction provided by 150 FHT leaders at the AFHTO leadership retreat held in November 2009.  It aims to take AFHTO to the next level with the goal of delivering greater value to all members.

About two-thirds of the February 9 participants responded to each of the polls conducted at the meeting.  These FHT leaders told us:

  • All agreed that AFHTO’s vision, mission, principles and values continue to reflect their expectations for their association.
  • All agreed that the 10 priority initiatives proposed in the draft strategic plan reflect some or all of the key priorities their FHT holds for AFHTO.
  • Four-fifths of those who responded (about half of the group) were willing to volunteer their time to work on AFHTO projects.
  • All support AFHTO’s work. Naturally, the level of financial support that individual FHTs are able to provide is mixed. We hope to learn more from you about what is fair and affordable to enable all FHTs to become members in their association.

We look forward to your participation in this survey.

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