AFHTO is seeking your FHT’s input for the 2011 Strategic Plan

AFHTO works with FHTs and for FHTs as the advocate, champion, network and resource centre for this innovative model of care.   Our membership is our strength.  We need your help to determine AFHTO’s path for the next 2-3 years to ensure it captures and reflects the key priorities shared by FHTs across Ontario.

As a first step, we ask you to help us learn more about how FHT leaders interact with one another and the media you use to do this.  Please take a two minute survey; e-mail caitlin.burgess@afhto.ca for the link.

For the following step, in the last week of January you will receive a draft set of strategic priorities for AFHTO.  We will collect your input and feedback on these priorities over the first three weeks of February. Your responses to the survey above will help us determine the most effective ways to foster and support membership engagement.

The draft strategic plan you will receive flows from the direction provided by 150 FHT leaders at the AFHTO leadership retreat fourteen months ago.  The plan aims to take AFHTO to the next level with the goal of delivering greater value to all members. AFHTO’s board is currently completing work on this draft.

To help facilitate this process over the next 2-3 months, we have added to AFHTO’s staff complement.  Caitlin Burgess, who recently worked to help launch one of the Wave 5 FHTs, joins our executive director, Angie Heydon, to assist with membership communications and engagement.   We look forward to your participation!

Dr. John McDonald
AFHTO President On behalf of the AFHTO Board of Directors

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