“Getting A Grip on Guidelines” Workshop
Toronto, ON
December 6, 2011 * 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Are you currently involved in developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in Canada? Are you interested in learning more about the factors that influence guideline quality? Is your organization trying to improve its process of guideline development?

Join us, the Centre for Effective Practice and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, for a hands-on workshop designed to equip participants with a deeper understanding of key elements of the development, promotion and implementation of evidence-based guidelines.


  • To understand the nature and development of clinical practice guidelines.
  • To acquire skills to decide well-developed from poorly developed guidelines.
  • To apply this skill set by assessing clinical practice guidelines.
  • To discuss challenges and solutions to communicating and implementing new evidence into practice.
  • To develop strategies in adopting evidence into practice.

Target Audience:
A participatory workshop designed to enhance the skills of health care providers, managers and decision makers engaged in evidence-based guideline development and implementation.
Workshop exercises will focus on Smoking Cessation.

For Registration please visit www.can-adaptt.net and click on Workshop Registration under Announcements or go directly to the registration page for details.

For Inquiries please contact Anna Tapia anna_tapia@camh.net or 416-535-8501 ext. 7293

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