Measurement and Quality Improvement

Ontario Primary Care Reporting Alliance

As data multiplies, so do the opportunities for sharing and accessing it. We are working with partners across the primary care sector in Ontario to build a “one-stop shop” for primary care reports and reporting tools. Together, we have convened the Ontario Primary Care Reporting Alliance.

  • The alliance’s long-term mandate is to ensure that every primary care clinician practicing in Ontario and their patients have access to usable, timely, meaningful and comparative information and supports to enable continuous improvement in patient care and outcomes.
  • Very briefly, the near-term goals are:
    • To make one web page where all the reports can be found together.
    • To find a way to compare all the reports, so it’s easy to see what makes each one useful, and what each one is most useful for.
    • To find ways to keep making all of the reports better.
  • See the Terms of Reference for the formal statement of the goals of the alliance.

In the meantime, you might want to check out Health Quality Ontario’s list primary care reports and resources.

Curious about what characteristics make health care reports most effective? Check out this article about 15 ways to improve Audit & Feedback, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (2016) [PDF].