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Breaking news about support for opioid management

Help is coming soon for teams interested in doing more for their patients with pain and/or addictions and, at the same time, managing opioid use. See recent investment by MOHLTC in a project led by CAMH, which acknowledges the crucial role that primary care providers play in addressing the opioid challenge.

This investment builds on the successful model of support for smoking cessation that is well established in over 80% of FHTs. In a similar way, CAMH will roll out supports to help teams make better choices in pain and addiction management. The idea is to help patients have better outcomes, even with the scarce pain and addictions management resources available, and at the same time, reduce the opioid burden carried by individuals and communities across Ontario. AFHTO is integrally involved and we’ll provide more details as soon as they become available. For more info, contact us.