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Auditor General’s Report: Hard look needed to improve CCAC service delivery model

In a news release announcing a Special Report on CCACs, the Auditor General of Ontario stated, “The Ontario government needs to take a hard look at how the province’s Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), along with their third-party service providers, deliver home- and community-based health care and related support services to patients outside hospital settings.”

Effective care coordination is best led by a person’s primary care team throughout his or her lifetime. It reduces duplication, facilitates access and ensures continuity of care regardless of setting, be it care in the home, community, hospital or long-term care facility.

As we work together to improve our health system, AFHTO joins with its colleagues on the Ontario Primary Care Council to call on government and others in Ontario’s health system to ensure primary care is supported to fulfill this central role in coordinating care. This Special Report on CCACs (Auditor’s Report) and the Report of the Expert Group on Home and Community Care (Donner Report) provide sound analysis to guide the way forward.

Click here to read the Ontario Primary Care Council’s Position Statement on Care Coordination in Primary Care.