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AFHTO 2018 Annual Report

Last year, AFHTO engaged in a strategic planning exercise that led to the development of a new strategic plan with a new shared vision – high quality, sustainable, team-based primary health care for all.

This plan is the blueprint of the work we are doing to promote and encourage system change. It’s our vision, our mission and our commitment for team-based primary care in Ontario.

We are in year two of our strategic plan with its three priorities:

  • Be a leader in primary health care transformation
  • Demonstrate the value of team-based care
  • Advocate for the tools, resources and conditions to support an effective primary health care system

In our 2018 Annual Report, we will show progress being made by AFHTO and its members on these priorities.

Team-based primary care is key to providing exceptional, coordinated care, and to alleviating pressures on the health care system, such as hospital overcapacity. AFHTO’s members are leaders who are happy to demonstrate that.

We look forward to continuing this work with and on behalf of our members.