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2015 Annual Report Collective Impact: The Power to Shape Our Future

We are pleased to share our latest Annual Report – Collective Impact: The Power to Shape Our Future. This report highlights the progress AFHTO members have made, and the emerging research evidence on the added value of primary care teams.

           Leadership + governance             =     Growing VALUE for Ontario’s
+ measurement + improvement              patients and communities

This formula is driving the collective work of AFHTO members – family health teams and nurse practitioner-led clinics – and the results are showing. We are making visible progress toward the vision that all Ontarians will have timely access to high-quality and comprehensive primary care – care that is informed by the social determinants of health, delivered by collaborative teams, and anchored in an integrated, equitable and sustainable health system.

Around the world, cost-effective and high-performing health systems share a common characteristic – they are based on a solid foundation of comprehensive primary care. We hope you enjoy reading what AFHTO members are doing to strengthen that foundation, and we look forward to continuing to work with members and stakeholders toward this vision.